Many clinicians are taking video or images of their clients, but most are not using these tools to their fullest potential.

In O&P, some of the many barriers to adopting Outcome Measures and Evidenced-Based Practice are time constraints, work demands, gaps in the skills and knowledge to perform measures, and documentation overload. Video can be considered the central aspect of this integration and coordination. A simple video-based system can document the fitting process, reduce a certain amount of trial and error, facilitate treatment planning, provide video feedback for training, and act as a communicative tool between the Orthotist/Prosthetist, the rehabilitation team, the client, and the insurer.

At PnO Data Solutions, we take security very seriously. We hold all requirements for HIPAA compliance. What this means to your practice is that the information is secure, and is stored safely rather than on the practitioner's device. Best practice for taking video and images is to have a good video and photo release along with a process and procedure for keeping the information safe. Our software options help you implement a HIPAA-complaint procedure that is easy to integrate in your organization's practices.  

No doubt you may already be taking video and images in your practice. Our software packages will help you establish a process for keeping a video diary of your clients to ensure that no information is misplaced, and can be easily retrieved when needed. 

Whether you have a small office or many locations, PnO Data Solutions provides tools for documentation, intervention, and justification. Our key services can be customized to suit your environment. Find out how below:


PnO Data Live

Take video of your patients using the iOS apps or any other video device. Upload the video to the cloud and analyze movement, ask a colleague for input, or use a wizard to create a report for justification purposes.



Do you have a specific process that you have implemented? Our team can build a custom report template to streamline your current process and get you the documentation that you need in a more efficient way. 


Clinical Movement Data

With two HD cameras, this O&P-specific system is a unique approach to fittings that will give your facility an enhanced way to make clinical decisions. Include your clients in the fittings and generate justification reports instantly.