PnO Data Live

PnO Data Live is a web-based video analysis and communication environment. We worked hard to deliver these O&P-specific video tools that are easy to use, affordable and accessible.

PnO Data Live works for professionals because it is:



PnO Data Live is a HIPPA-compliant site that allows you to safely store and share videos. Your patients' confidentiality is protected with us.

Cost effective

Cost effective

Utilize your smartphones and tablets to conduct video analysis, making the initial investment low. No need for a new and expensive hardware setup.

Intergrates reports

Integrates reports

Show funders the difference you are making with pre- and post-fit comparisons and research-based Gait Scores, sensitive enough to detect changes in intervention. 


Encourages Collaboration

Need advice from a colleague while you are out of the office? Use the Safe Discussion feature  to describe the problem with video analysis. 


Manage members

Manage Members

Create and share your Zone with others. Manage users' access to your Zone as Owner.

Video Manager

Video Manager

Use the Video Manager to keep your videos organized and easy to recall. 

Video capture

Video Capture

Avoid keeping patient videos on your smartphone or tablet. Use PnO Data for safe storage. 

Analysis tools

Analysis Tools

Have quick access to the tools you need for a quick analysis or a detailed report.

Compare tools

Compare videos

Synchronize multiple video clips for side-by-side or overlaid comparison.

Generate reports

Generate reports

PnO Data auto-generated reports can be attached to any EMR or printed for a chart. 

PnO Data Apps

The iOS App gives you the tools to access your account from anywhere. Conduct a quick analysis from your phone to show a concept to a patient, PT, or physician. Be confident in your patients' confidentiality by using secure cloud storage and bypassing the use of personal devices.

The MAC and Windows uploader apps enable you to trim and compress videos on your computer before uploading them securely to PnO Data Live.


Don't have time to finish a gait report? Using the Analyst Service inside PnO Data Live allows you to upload your videos and have the report back in 24 hours. Our O&P professionals will conduct a gait report for you, so that you can concentrate on your patients.  



We pride ourselves on the support. In PnO Data Live there are a series of tutorials in the Help Zone, which cover topics from analysing a video, to how to take good video. Everyone has access to these, log into PnO Data Live and the help Zone will be the first tab.

PnO Data Live was created using Bracken. Click here to go to the Bracken support website for more help resources.

Of course, if you still can't find the information you need, feel free to contact one of our friendly support staff - we'd love to help.