PnO Clinical Movement Data

PnO Clinical Movement Data (CMD) is a laptop- or desktop-based software package. Pre- and post-fit assessment scales ensure analysis is based on best practice. All material gathered through this software will generate an automated report, providing an accurate and easy measurement of improved clinical outcomes.

Patient centric


Use the on-screen analysis tools to engage the patient in their fitting. 

Designed for P&O

Designed for P&O

The database is easy to navigate to get you analyzing videos faster. 

Intergrated reports

Integrated reports

Show referrals and payors the difference you are making with research-based gait reports.  

Improved outcomes

Improved Outcomes

Video can improve the clinical decision-making process for any clinic.  


Collect data

Collect data

Store and recall patient analyses, showing improved processes to clients, collaborators and funders.   

Video diary

Video Diary

Keep all videos in one place for easy recall and analysis. 



The reports give visuals that use a common language to engage your clients, referral sources, and payors. 

Analysis tools

Analysis Tools

Access the tools you need, whether you're doing a quick analysis or a detailed report.

Compare videos

Compare videos

Synchronize multiple video clips for side-by-side or overlaid comparison. 

Generate reports

Generate reports

PnO CMD will automatically generate a report at the conclusion of an analysis.



Once you have done the detailed analysis your data is captured along with images of your client and a report is automatically generated. You can chose to use a report based on a functional movement scale such as the Prosthetic Observational Gait Score (POGS) or create your own report structure. 

The reports can be saved within the PnO Clinical Movement Data or exported as a PDF for printing or attachment to the clients' records.


Clinical Movement Data can be set up in your facility with two HD dual capture video cameras. This creates a low-cost gait analysis center in your facility. The video can also be used as a marketing tool to show your referral sources the services you provide to your clients. It can be tailored to your facility's requirements. 



We pride ourselves on the support we provide here at PnO Data Solutions. Visit our PnO Clinical Movement Data support website to access our extensive range of resources including video tutorials, FAQs, and user guides.

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